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Posted by Luke Hilhorst on

Hey guys its Sabrina, and I'm going to be posting news from the car world, bringing you hot motors old and new. 

This lil petrolhead splashed out on the Westpac helicopter raffle hoping to win that gorgeous Mustang but I didn't flutter the lashes enough and my luck didn't hold out. 

However, today I spotted this beautiful Mustang Shelby GT350 for sale on Trade Me,  and it got me so gooey I had to sit down with an Espresso Martini before I could start writing.

Its another barn find but this one has had 750 hours of work to get it up to this condition, and they have done wonders! I can see myself racing down to the Hop in this beauty! And that 300 hp 302 will sound beautiful going up the main st in Whanga.

 Hagerty lists average value for one of these in top condition as $US120000 and you can double that figure by the time it gets to Godzone. Now can I just find a nice gentleman to donate me the $239000??

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